Pet Dream® Veterinary Faux Suede Dog Beds With Memory Foam Crumb Filling And Waterproof Inner Liner

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Product Description
Another breakthrough in canine care from ExtraComfort, the countries leading dog bed specialist! Our thick, chunky veterinary dog beds provide the ultimate in comfort for our canine friends. Combine this with the medical benefits of our Restore® Memory Foam Crumb Filling, the luxurious faux suede finish in a range of stylish colours and our fantastic prices; this has to be the best all-round dog bed available. Our oblong Pet Dream® Dog Beds contain in a separate inner liner a 100% shredded memory foam filling for the ultimate comfort for your dog. This unique material is made of cubed pieces of Restore® Memory Foam. When used as a filling, pockets of air form around the cubes thus increasing the volume without increasing the density. This regulates the temperature, eliminating uncomfortable hot spots. By responding to the body temperature and weight of your dog, virtually eliminating all pressure points, our Restore® memory foam crumb filling will mould itself to your dogs body shape, allowing the skeleton, muscles, joints and spine to rest in their natural position. This filling will provide the ultimate in comfort for any dog, regardless of weight and size and make these pet beds also ideal for the relief of light to medium arthritic, joint, hip, muscular and other related pain. Our memory foam dog bed comes with a breathable waterproof inner liner and a luxurious faux fur outer dog bed cover. The water proof inner liner offers the perfect protection for your pet bed. Both, inner liner and outer cover are easily removed and machine washable. Additional outer dog bed covers are available for your convenience from ExtraComfort at Amazon. Our Pet Dream® Bed will look good anywhere in your home and is perfect for use in the car boot, on your travels and holidays. 14 DAYS NO QUIBBLE RETURN GUARANTEE! Should you not be happy with this product for whatsoever reasons, please return it to us within 14 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund.