ExtraComfort Monster Size Orthopaedic Restore® Memory Foam Dog Bed With Breathable Waterproof Inner Liner In Faux Fur Biscuit With Paw Print Design 132x91x20cm (52x36x7.8 inches)

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Product Description
Our brand-new range of ExtraComfort Restore® Visco Elastic Memory Foam Dog Beds is a revolutionary breakthrough in canine care. One of the major problems for dogs is joint inflammation and arthritis. Other dogs are just restless sleepers and drive you mad during the night. Our ExtraComfort Memory Foam Dog Bed provides the perfect solution for all of these problems. The visco memory foam makes them ideal for the relief of arthritic, joint or muscular pains or could simply give your pet the most comfortable and best night sleep the little terror ever had. By responding to the body temperature and weight of your dog, virtually eliminating all pressure points, our Restore® orthopaedic dog bed will mould itself to your dogs exact body shape, allowing the skeleton, muscles, joints and spine to rest in their natural position. As dog owners ourselves we take the comfort and problems of your dogs as seriously as we do in humans and therefore use exactly the same premium quality Restore® visco elastic memory foam in our dog beds as we do in our products for humans. The memory foam beds for dogs come either in a memory foam thickness of 5cm, 7cm or 20cm. The 20cm deep dog bed consists of a layer of 7cm memory foam moulded to a support base of 13cm high density CM foam for the ultimate support. Our memory foam dog bed comes complete with a breathable waterproof inner cover and a fully removable and machine washable luxurious acrylic faux fur outer dog bed cover. We would always advise to buy a spare cover for greater colour choice or in case of an unforeseen accident.We are so confident that you will love this, that we are offering all our pet beds with a 14 DAYS NO QUIBBLE RETURN GUARANTEE. If you or your dog does not like our dog bed, simply return it to us within 14 days and we will issue you a full refund. FREE DELIVERY!! Recommended memory foam dog bed depth: Dogs up to 50kg (100lbs) 5 or 7 cm (2 or 2.8 inches) deep. Dogs over 50kg (100 lbs) 20cm (7.8 inches) deep.