Dog Ruff® Small Waterproof Dog Bed with Memory Foam Crumb Filling 50x40cm (20×16 inches)

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Product Description
BRAND NEW ON THE UK MARKET! Thick, waterproof, virtually indestructible and chew proof, yet providing the ultimate in comfort for your dog. Our Dog Ruff® bed has it all and is now available at a fantastic introduction price. The high specification Nylon outer covers are waterproof and virtually chew proof. The material has a textured surface with almost a waxed feeling to it. Hairs and dirt will not stick to it. When our Dog Ruff® bed becomes dirty, simply spray it down or wipe clean. Than leave it or hang up to dry. No more need to put your dog bed in the washing machine (However, for good measure, the outer cover is also machine washable).Those qualities make this dog bed ideal for any dog, especially for puppies and incontinent older dogs. The textured waterproof cover is zipped, easily removed and comes with a sturdy carry and storage loop. The separate inner lining contains shredded memory foam for the ultimate comfort for your dog. This unique material is made of cubed pieces of Restore® Memory Foam. When used as a filling, pockets of air form around the cubes. This increases the volume without increasing the density and helps regulating the temperature, eliminating uncomfortable hot spots. By responding to the body temperature and weight of your dog, virtually eliminating all pressure points, our Restore® memory foam crumb filling will mould itself to your dogs body shape, allowing the skeleton, muscles, joints and spine to rest in their natural position. This makes our orthopedic dog bed also perfect for older, overweight and obese dogs/cats. Our Dog Ruff® Bed is great around the house, for use in the garden, car boot and holidays. Additional covers are available from ExtraComfort at Amazon. 14 DAYS NO QUIBBLE RETURN GUARANTEE! Should you not be happy with this product for whatsoever reasons, please return it to us within 14 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund. FREE DELIVERY!