Dog Gone Smart Dog Bed Large Olive

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Product Description
We are very excited to have this brand new bed from the USA. We have tested and tried the beds and can thoroughly endorse that they are waterproof and smell-proof. Our dog has had one of these under him for the last two weeks and there is no sign of any odour!!The most technologically advanced dog beds on the market use Nanosphere, a performance fabric finish which repels water and stains. Dog Gone smart products also feature a state-of-the-art bacteriostatic finish.Bacteriostatic reduced the spread of bacteria which can cause doggie odour as well as bacterial infections and allergens creating a healthier environment for your dog Nanosphere® fabrics repels liquids, dirt, coat oils and stains so fabric stays clean naturally Dog Gone Smart technology provides comfort, durability and support; it is highly abrasion resistant and will last longer saving you time and money