Gerbil Cages

Gerbil cages come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colours. Gerbils naturally live underground so it is essential that they are provided with Gerbil cage that is designed to recreate this environment. The best type of Gerbil cage is one that is purpose built with lots of tunnels for your Gerbil to run around in. The majority of Gerbil cages have more than one level connected to each other by various accessories and are also available in either plastic or wire. Your cage must also have items for the Gerbil to chew on to prevent their teeth for overgrowing.

There are 5 items that all cages must have. They are a water bottle, wood shavings, shredded paper nesting material, gnawing block and a food bowl. There are also a variety of other accessories and toys available for your pet. Please see below for a selection of cages and accessories available to buy online.