Degu Cages

Degu cages come in a variety of different styles and sizes. As they are highly social able animals they are often kept in groups or pairs and so your degu cage needs to provide them with a lot of space to move around. The best type of degu cage is a metal one with multiple levels as Degus are constantly chewing due to the continual growth of their teeth. Most Degu cages have either a solid base or a base that slides away making it easier for keeping clean. As Degus are quite active there are also a number of cage accessories that you can purchase to fit out your pet’s new home keeping them healthy and happy.

There are 5 key accessories that all cages must have. They are a chew proof water bottle, ceramic food bowl, hay rack, Dust Bath and bitter spray to prevent them from chewing the cage. There are also a variety of other accessories and toys available for your pet. Please see below for a selection of cages and accessories available online.