Chinchilla Cages

Chinchilla cages come in a variety of different styles and sizes. They need to provide your chinchilla will a lot of space as they require a lot of exercise. The main types of chinchilla cage are the wire bottom cage which is the most hygienic option for your pet protecting them from infections and the solid bottom cage which is safer for the chinchilla. Most chinchilla cages have a varied number of levels providing your pet with lots of places to jump to and from whilst exploring their habitat. As chinchillas soon get bored there are also a number of chinchilla cage accessories that you can purchase to fit out your pet’s new home keeping them healthy and happy.

There are 6 key accessories that all cages must have. They are a water bottle, food bowl, hay rack, Pumice Stone, a house and a Dust Bath. There are also a variety of other accessories and toys available for your pet. Please see below for a selection of cages and accessories available online.