Kumfy Kradle Radiator Cat Bed (Size: Wide)

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Product Description
Danish Design Kumfy Kradle Cat Bed has been designed for use on water or oil filled steel panel radiators of up to a maximum of 2 1/2 (6.5cm) thickness and can hold one or?two cats up to a maximum of 12kg (26lbs). On a double panel radiator the frame slots between the two panels. There is a gap between them of at least 1 1/4 (3cm) The Kumfy Kradle is also available in a Wide frame to fit radiators up to 10cm deep.It has a robust steel frame covered with a?removable Sherpa Fleece fabric which features the Danish Design paw print motif and is machine? washable.? The Danish Design Kumfy Kradle provides your cat with a warm and cosy place to curl up and rest.? Please note: The sizing refers to the type of radiator you have. The wide Kumfy Kradle fits on a double radiator. A wide Kumfy Kradle will not fit correctly on a single radiator.